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Nyquest Product Series:

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Ushine Industrial Limited is the distributor of sound chip and agent of Nyquest, who focuses on high quality and high value-added consumer IC, including voice synthesizer IC, 4 bit micro-controller with voice, sound chips, and midi products.

Our major clients are from India, US, Europe, and Taiwan, whereas our head office is located in Hong Kong.

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ushine_logo Ushine Industrial Limited

Ushine Industrial Limited is the voice chip suppliers and agent of Nyquest focusing on high quality and high value-added consumer IC, including the voice synthesizer IC, dcc sound chips, yamaha sound chips, voice chip, voice chip recorder, voice chipmunk, 4 bit microcontroller with voice and midi products.

Our IC are mainly used for the consumer electronic application field such as child toy, soft toy, toy for baby, melody sings box, clock, watches, electronic greeting cards, computer game, music boxes, door bells, alarm clock etc. We believe people can enhance the life quality with friend and family from enjoying life with fun, efficiency and advantage from such high-tech consuming electronic products.

We also provide OEM customized design contract from consumers, IC Application Development and MCU Fireware Development. Please download song to us or send us sample then we can develop and supply the electronic component to you.

Currently, our sound ICs have these sound effects:

 1.       3 seconds all animal sound IC: witch scream, cackle; duck quack; house whinny, neigh, snort, nicker; tiger chuff, growl, snarl, roar, whoof, miaow; elephant trumpet; cat meow, purr, hiss; monkey screeching, chatter; pig grunt, oink; dog barking; dinosaur rawr, roar; cow moo, lowing, calf bawling, bull bellowing; chicken cluck; frog ribbit; sheep bleat, baa, goat bleat; deer bleat; gun shoot; etc.

2.       3 seconds speech IC: Kiss I Love You, four tone dolls, HoHo Merry Christmas, girl dolls, children laughing, laughing bags, boiling water, etc.

3.       6 seconds speech IC: my love, around the world, 10 bald, Taishan Genghis, auspicious treasures, butterflies, butterfly, crazy frog, football songs, or six dolls.

4. 7 seconds speech IC: Barbie, Little Star, Little Mermaid, aerobics, travel around the world, Mr. Wang Lao, whistle + I LOVE U, auspicious treasures, Genghis Tai, Kung Hei Fat Choy, kiss baby, the Spanish champion, KISS song , hopping, Susanna

4.       Others: Three/ Twelve/ Eighteen/ Twenty Christmas songs, 32 sounds for bells, the national anthem, Buddha machine etc.

If you are interested in above IC, or if you have your own speech / melody request, you are welcome to contact with us at 852-28662858 or email us at [email protected]. 

Product Series:


NY2 Series
1 channel Speech or Dual-Tone Melody Synthesizer (State Machine Architecture)
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NY3 Series
1 channel Speech Synethsizer (State Machine Architecture)
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NY4 Series
4 bit MCU 1 channel Speech 
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NY5 Series
4 bit MCU
With " 1 channel Speech + Dual-Tone Melody" or "4 channel Speech/ Melody"
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OTP (One Time Programming)
For NY3-5 Series
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