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Nyquest Product Series:

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Ushine Industrial Limited is the distributor of sound chip and agent of Nyquest, who focuses on high quality and high value-added consumer IC, including voice synthesizer IC, 4 bit micro-controller with voice, sound chips, and midi products.

Our major clients are from India, US, Europe, and Taiwan, whereas our head office is located in Hong Kong.

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NY5 Series


Product features: 

1. New Advanced and Innovation Feature

-Max. voice duration up to 720s with 3-ch or 4-ch Voice/ Midi output.

-Optional int. / ext OSC with accurate +/- 1% internal OSC tolerance.

-PWM/DAC auto-detect function, save one pad for bonding option.

-16-level H/W Volume-Control.

-Adjustable H/W IR carrier frequency to fit different type IR TX/RX.-Adjustable advanced 4/5-bit ADPCM algorithm, good sound quality.

- Optional Reset pin & OSC pin share with I/O pins. (Masked option).

-Louder Volume design to directly drive 8-64 ohms speaker or piezo/buzzer.

-All output pins are large current design to directly drive high brightness LED. (Type 40mA @ VDD=4.5V, Vol=1.0V). 

2. Wide Operating Voltage Range from 2.0V-5.5V (Spec Guarantee).

-Stable low voltage design, Low Voltage Reset at 1.8V.

-Longer operating time and life-cycle.

The IC can be applied to different kinds of toys such as battery operated toys, beach cash toy, beach pull wire rotation tortoise, beach pull wire vehicle toy, beach toy, bill toy, blow moulded toys, children’s toy cellphone, children’s toys, cloth toys, container car toys, cotton rope pet toys, easter day toys, electronic motor cycle toys, electric toys, electronic and electric toys, electronic toys, engineering truck toys, engineering vehicle toys, eva toys, fingerprint and footprint for babies and infants, fire fighting truck toys. Pls send us enquiry if you looks for sound chips ( sound chips stuffed animals, sound chips greeting cards sound chips supplier).

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