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Nyquest Product Series:

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Ushine Industrial Limited is the distributor of sound chip and agent of Nyquest, who focuses on high quality and high value-added consumer IC, including voice synthesizer IC, 4 bit micro-controller with voice, sound chips, and midi products.

Our major clients are from India, US, Europe, and Taiwan, whereas our head office is located in Hong Kong.

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NY3 Series


Product features: 

1. Accurate Internal OSC with +/- 3% Tolerance

-Easy production to make play speed within +/- 3%.

-Ultimate pads to save bonding cost and smallest PCB size.

-No external component except battery and speaker, saving cost.

-Enhance overall production efficiency. 

2. Wide Operating Voltage Range from 1.8V ~5.5V (Spec Guarantee)

-State-machine architecture, no hang-down issue even down to 1.5V.

- Longer operating time. 

3. Good IC Reliability with Good Sound Quality

-Our  design meets Class 3, MIL-STD over 4kV. For product, easily to meet 12kV/ even up to 16kV or above.

- Voice duration from 3s to 115s @ 6KHz sampling rate.

- Advanced AL-PCM/DPCM algorithm, good sound quality.

-Large Current PWM design to drive 8-64 ohms speaker or piezo / buzzer.

-All output pins are large current design to directly drive high brightness LED

Such IC are applied to: Flannel toys, flocked toys, flying saucer, fur animal toys, game toy mobile phone, gun toys, kite, lighting sword toys, magic balls, mesh cloth for plush toys, metal toys, mobile phone wiper mortar toys, mother’s day toys, pet cotton bone toys, plane toys, plastic toys, plastic and electronic toys, puppet toys, promotion gift etc. Pls contact us if you looks for how to make your voice chipmunk, juno 106 voice chip, recordable voice chip.

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Product Series:


NY2 Series
1 channel Speech or Dual-Tone Melody Synthesizer (State Machine Architecture)
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NY3 Series
1 channel Speech Synethsizer (State Machine Architecture)
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NY4 Series
4 bit MCU 1 channel Speech 
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NY5 Series
4 bit MCU
With " 1 channel Speech + Dual-Tone Melody" or "4 channel Speech/ Melody"
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OTP (One Time Programming)
For NY3-5 Series
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