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Nyquest Product Series:

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Ushine Industrial Limited is the distributor of sound chip and agent of Nyquest, who focuses on high quality and high value-added consumer IC, including voice synthesizer IC, 4 bit micro-controller with voice, sound chips, and midi products.

Our major clients are from India, US, Europe, and Taiwan, whereas our head office is located in Hong Kong.

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Nyquest Technology Co., Ltd.


 Established in 2006, Nyquest Technology Co., Ltd. is a fabless IC design house which situated in Hsinchu Taiwan. They are specialized in the integrated circuit  design and research and providing the software design and application solution and marketing.

The brand became well-known within the industry because of its good lead time, low prices and user friendly tools for quick developing time within one to two days.

Current product range included NY2, NY3, NY4 and NY5. NY3 and NY4 are speech IC and NY2 and NY5 are for both speech and melody IC of which in state machine architecture and 4-bite MCU respectively.  These sound chip modules are suitable for sound chips for toys, sound chip greeting card, sound chip emulator and sound chip recordable etc.

Product charactertices: duration from 3 sec to 720 sec; having 1-24 I/O 1.6V-6.0V Stable Low Voltage Design; NY4 and NY5 have 4 byte MCU for programming according to tailar made request; Internal OSC with accurate +/- 1% OSC tolerance.

More OTP and NY1, NY6,NY7 and NY8 will be launched next year.

For more information on the product, you are welcome to contact us for more tools and softwares.

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